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Termite Life Cycle

Understanding the Termite Life Cycle


Keep Termites Out

Keep Termites Out

It is helpful to understand the life cycle of the termite if you ever need to combat an infestation. This is because you will not get rid of your problem if you only kill the adults. Within a few weeks, your problem might come back even worse.

They start out with a mating flight. A swarm of male and female termites depart form their colonies to procreate. After the females are fertilized, they land, shed their wings, and begin their own new colonies. There will be a queen and king of these new colonies, and they are the center of the colony and responsible for reproduction.

The queen’s eggs will hatch into larvae. These are pale and white. Once the larvae have molted a few times, they grow into adult termites. They may have one of the following castes:

— workers

— soldiers

— reproductive termites

It is interesting to note that each caste has their own look.

The workers build tunnels and chambers, and they feed and groom other types of termites.

Soldiers are brownish in color, and they have much bigger heads and big mandibles. This makes them ready for combat, but they might not even be able to feed themselves. This is why the workers have to feed them.

The reproductive termites are darker, and they have two sets of wings.

Even scientists are not sure exactly how different termites become members of the different castes. It is also interesting to learn that termites might change into another caste if their colony requires it. In other words, a soldier can become a worker or a reproductive termite.

Workers and soldiers live for a year or two. The queens can live for over 10 years sometimes. If you suspect you have termites, you can find professional exterminators who will come to your home to suggest remedies.

Free Termite Inspections

Free Termite Inspections in Atlanta

freeIf you simply want to find out if termites have infested your home, where they are, and how much it will cost to get rid of them, you should not have to pay a termite inspection cost. Most local companies will be eager to gain a new client, and they will send somebody out to visit your home to provide these services for free. Just because you take advantage of this free offer, you should also not be obligated to take advantages of their future services.

Is A Termite Inspection The Same As A Termite Clearance?

While your termite inspection cost should be totally free, you should understand that this is basically only an estimate for services that the business hopes to provide. If the technician does not find any evidence of infestation, he might tell you this too. He might even be willing to provide a written statement. But this is certainly not an official document like a Termite Clearance.

A Termite Clearance is a document that is issued after termites have been found and eradicated in a home. This type of document might be requested by a purchaser if you plan to sell your home. In this case, a seller might make an offer with the condition that you can prove you have treated your home. You will need to produce this document by the time you go to closing. A simple termite inspection or estimate will not satisfy this requirement.

On the other hand, the technician’s statement that he found no evidence of an infestation or damage might be good enough to informally assure a realtor or buyer that you have no problems. In other words, you might use an informal statement to negotiate your contract, but you cannot use it as proof that you fulfilled your contract.

When Should You Ask For A Termite Inspection?

If you do suspect termite damage or an infestation, it is a good idea to call a reliable local company to find out if you do have a problem. If you have a problem, it might be prudent to treat it as quickly as possible to preserve your house. Those pests rarely leave on their own, and without treatment they will only multiply and make the problem a lot worse.

You might also be interested to know that most homeowners insurance policies will not protect you against damage done by these pests. That is because insurers consider this type of damage to happen because of home owner negligence.

In other words, they consider it to be preventable damage. You cannot just allow a termite problem to continue and then expect your insurer to pick up the tab. They will also not pay for treatment. To understand this, consider roofs. Homeowners insurance might cover roof damage. But they will not cover normal roof maintenance that gets performed to keep your roof from getting damaged.

Get Your Home Inspected Soon

If you suspect damage, or if your neighbors have damage, call for a reliable company for assistance as soon as possible. Since there is no termite inspection cost, you should not have any reason to hesitate.